Greenhouse Update

Another truckload of native fruit trees for the National Electric Company. Photo by Angel Vera.
Planet Drum gives native fruit trees to the National Electric Company for distribution throughout the Manabí province. Photo by Anthony Paris.

The National Electric Company “Electric Tree” campaign with Planet Drum used nearly all of 3,000+ trees that were in the greenhouse. After a ceremony at the greenhouse on November 10th, a few contractors returned to pick up additional trees for distribution throughout the province.

After giving out most of the saplings at the greenhouse to the National Electric Company, the greenhouse was organized and cleaned up to prepare for continued tree production from the seedbeds, which are bursting with new seedlings.

The rice hulls, which are used as a soil amendment for improved aeration, are unloaded at the Catholic University greenhouse. Photo by Anthony Paris.
In Charapoto, Clay loads up a truck with rice hulls from an overhead storage bin. Photo by Anthony Paris.

A new batch of rice hulls was acquired from Charapoto (rice production capital of Manabí).

Anthony splits bamboo to make improvements to the greenhouse ramada roof. Photo by Orlando Arias.

The greenhouse ramada was improved (the slope of the roof was increased to improve drainage) for the upcoming rainy season.

The greenhouse compost pile (mostly decomposed leaves) was sifted to prepare soil.

Laura and Anthony sift compost at the greenhouse. Photo by Orlando Arias.
Laura and Anthony sift compost at the greenhouse. Photo by Orlando Arias.

Bottles were recycled as containers for trees. Transplanting of the new generation of native trees is progressing.

Will and Leonela prepare bottles with soil for transplanting. Photo by Anthony Paris.
Orlando and Anthony gently remove Laurel seedlings for transplanting. Photo by Will Broomer.

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