Greenhouse Update May 2016

Orlando takes a break to hydrate and reflect on what is left of the greenhouse structure.
2/3rds of the greenhouse house structure collapsed during one of the hundreds of earthquake aftershocks.

After the collapse of the greenhouse, and having every single tree fall over from the earthquake, the situation has been somewhat stabilized. The collapsed greenhouse material was removed and burned. Trees were righted.

And we already have visitors coming looking for trees.

There are several thousand trees that are ready to be delivered, although obviously interest in receiving trees is notably lower due much more pressing issues related to the earthquake devastation. And even though many people are still living in tents, we are still receiving requests for trees as people struggle to move forward with their lives and make progress in rebuilding.

Damage to the Catholic University, where the Planet Drum greenhouse is located.
Orlando passes out trees to National Electric Company contractors.

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