Hillside Revegetation in Astillero

Behind the Astillero community greenhouse facility is a large hillside with steep, erosion prone slopes. Guayacan and Algarrobo trees grown at the facility are hardy, drought-resistant and have a strong, deep root systems. They are excellent for erosion control.

Orlando shows Jose María the preferred method for hillside tree-planting.

With Jose María, collaborator from the Astillero neighborhood, guiding us up into the difficult terrain, we carried trees and supplies for planting. Everyone planted a large handful of trees and after a morning’s work we had macheted trails, dug holes, and planted more than two dozen trees.

Claudia plants a Guayacan tree.
Never one to miss out on the action, Jose María gets his hands dirty planting an Algarrobo tree on the hillside above his neighborhood.

Photos by Clay Plager-Unger.

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