Hillside Revegetation in El Astillero

Planet Drum maintains a satellite greenhouse operation and revegetation site in the Astillero neighbor just outside of downtown Bahía de Caráquez with cooperation from our longtime friend José María.
The extremely steep and eroding revegetation site was planted with 75 trees in December, 2018 – January, 2019. Today we visited the site to monitor and water the trees that were planted.

A healthy Guachapeli tree growing on the ridiculously steep and eroding Astillero hillside.
Jules waters a tree.
Nico and Jules watering trees on at the 2018-19 Astillero revegetation site.

The site has maintained a high survival rate (80+%) and despite the difficult (steep) terrain, the trees are growing very well. This can be attributed to the hardy tree species which were planted (Algarrobo, Ébano, Guachapeli, and Guayacan) and the fact that the site was planted early on in the rainy season (December and January). Watering the trees today  will assist their continued healthy growth.

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