Home-schooling at the Greenhouse

Long-time friends of Planet Drum, Gina and her four children along with Clay, Margarita, Sol, and Luna spent the morning at the greenhouse learning about compost production, seed collection and preparation, as well as tree-planting techniques.
The kids got their hands dirty mixing a fresh batch of soil (compost, dirt, and rice hulls. Then they filled bottles with prepared soil, and transplanted seedlings from the seedbeds into the repurposed plastic bottles.

Bodhi, Sol, Jazzy, JJ, and Gina filling bottles with prepared soil.
Jazzy and Bodhi shovel compost into the sifter while JJ and Sol do the sifting.
Luna, Quina, Jazzy, Gina, and JJ (clockwise from left to right) mix rice hulls with the dirt and compost.

While at the greenhouse, everyone helped with the preparation of Ceibo and Algarrobo seeds. Throughout the course of the morning, the kids got to see and participate in each aspect of the greenhouse operations.

Quina and Luna peel Algarrobo seeds from their pods while Margarita, Jazzy, and Gina separate Ceibo seeds from their cotton-filled pods.

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