Bioregional class identifying native species in the Dry Tropical Forest.

Valentina Carminati, Field Bioregional Education Manager
Planet Drum Foundation
Report, June 26, 2006

Last Wednesday we had a new student, Anita, who is only seven years old. Actually, she is too young to participate actively in the class nevertheless I am always trying to involve her in the conversations. 

All the kids attempted to solve the Bioregional crossword I prepared for them. They were still very confused about the difference between ecosystem, ecoregion and bioregion. I know they are not easy concepts to understand and I just thought they needed time. I was trying my best to find simple examples which would help them get the point better…And today I was so pleased to discover they learned most of the important concepts!

This afternoon the students prepared a poster about the Biological Scale. 
Through drawing and painting, kids discovered all the biological stages starting with a single organism (organism> population> community> ecosystem> biosphere) to finally reach the level of the biosphere. 

For the next class I was thinking to take them to El Bosque en el Medio de las Ruinas since it is time to start identifying the diverse types of native species present in the Dry Tropical Forest. The idea is to let them find out the differences between species in a more ‘direct’ and entertaining way before they start using books!

Also, in the future I would like to go with the kids to the farm at El Bosque Encantado. I believe it will be pleasant for them to also learn something about fruit trees (cocoa, mango, grape, papaya, lime…)

Hasta pronto.

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