Label signs for the seeds that the Bioregional Education Program had sowed.

June 6-12, 2005

Aside from the usual greenhouse activities (watering, composting, clearing out dead plants, organizing), we did a lot of structural maintenance as dogs had broken in. We reinforced certain sections with wooden posts and/or chicken wire. Also continued fixing the seed beds. We put up plant label signs for the seeds that the Bioregional Education Program had sowed, and remounted the Planet Drum sign. We got more bottles for transplanting from somebody who had been storing them at his house and was glad to be rid of them.

We further maintained the trails in El Bosque by fixing more steps and handrails. (Clearing dead wood is being done this coming week.)  We made a rope fence at the bottom of the first entrance between the houses, in order to make the path more obvious from the street. We also added compost and water to the trees planted during the minga (community workday) during World Environment Week. I saw a beautiful big mot-mot bird there!  Jackie, our newest volunteer, and I went on Radio FB to talk about recent improvements to El Bosque and to invite the public to visit.

We watered and maintained the Cherry Tree site, Dairy Farm and Inter-Americano Colegio sites. Talked to Carlos Franco about keeping animals out of the Dairy Farm planted area and he plans to reinforce the fencing (in addition to the fencing that Planet Drum will do). We started putting individual fencing around the trees at the Cherry Tree site using scrap wood, with chicken wire to be added later. So far, no signs of animals there though.

The kids at Inter-Americano will soon begin helping us water. I gave Dr. Sanchez a map of the planted area so they could find all the trees, which are also well marked. He offered us sandwiches and drinks from the school cafeteria…awww…..We planted a new site near the football field in Cristo Consuelo, Leonidas Plaza, and constructed individual fences around each tree. Marta, who lives in front of the field, helped us and plans to water weekly. 

More later!


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