Los Algarrobos School Garden Project

Los Algarrobos natural sciences teacher and Planet Drum collaborator Enrique contacted me requesting some soil for a garden project that he had in mind for the school. I suggested that the Planet Drum crew assist with the project and that we would be happy to donate the necessary soil.

On this particular Friday, we visited Los Algarrobos school in Canoa for a recycled-tire garden building activity with the 5th graders. The students had already collected and painted used car tires as well as at least one plant or ornamental flower each. We arrived with a crew of volunteers, shovels, soil, and a desire to help.

Cynthia and Mikaela arrange recycled tires to create a garden at Los Algarrobos School.
Enrique shares ideas for the garden while we fill tires with dirt.

The first task was to arrange the used tires in the tiered design that Enrique had planned and secure them in place with soil and rocks. The quality soil from the Planet Drum greenhouse was saved for the spaces in the middle of the tires where the flowers and plants would be planted. After the tires were positioned, we called the kids over so that they could plant their flowers in the tires.

Students with their flowers and plants.5th graders at Los Algarrobos School line up to plant flowers in the tire garden.Students with their flowers and plants.
5th graders at Los Algarrobos School line up to plant flowers in the tire garden.

Most of the children were really into the project and carefully planted their flowers and plants. Many raced to fetch water for watering them. At the end of the morning, a new and eye-catching garden with recycled tires and flowers planted by the students was successfully installed at the school!

Planting with students in the tire garden.
In one morning the recycled tire garden was assembled!
Some of the students skipped their recess to continue planting.

Text and photos by Clay Plager-Unger unless otherwise noted.

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