Mini-Greenhouses: Bellavista Community

The implementation of mini-greenhouses to be installed in local communities and schools is being developed as a new aspect of the Dry Tropical Forest Revegetation and Bioregional Education Project.

Bellavista residents mix soil in the elevated seedbed that Planet Drum has donated to their community. Photo by Nicolas Beriot.

The first step is to build semi-portable raised seedbeds and donate them to people who are interested in participating. The seedbed is filled with rich soil for germinating seeds. Residents then help collect seeds for the trees that they are interested in planting. With our guidance, they will plant and germinate the seeds. Later, they will help transplant the seedlings, and eventually plant the trees they produce on their land.

Planting Orange tree seeds in the new community seedbed. Photo by Nicolas Beriot.

The first recipient of a seedbed was the Bellavista community, which has been planting trees in collaboration with Planet Drum for nearly 15 years.
Some of the residents were apprehensive about taking on new responsibilities, but once they saw what the project entailed, many of them came out to participate mixing soil and planting seeds.

View of the elevated seedbed in the Bellavista community. Photo by Nicolas Beriot.

We are excited about combining regional communities with revegetation efforts.

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