Moving the Greenhouse

Orlando observes as construction crews prepare foundations on top of the old greenhouse location for new buildings at the Catholic University.

The Catholic University is in the midst of demolishing buildings damaged during the earthquake, and beginning to build foundations for new structures next to and on top of the Planet Drumgreenhouse’s previous location. Orlando has done an excellent job of making sure that the demolition and construction crews don’t damage our greenhouse operations amidst the mayhem.

The previous greenhouse site has been rendered unrecognizable.
View of the construction site at the Catholic University.
Demolition is underway at the Catholic University.

During the past week or so we have been moving our supplies, materials, and trees to the new greenhouse location at the University. Paola, one of the Bioregional Education Program teachers from 2009, returned to Bahía to visit old friends and see how everyone is doing. While here she helped make preparations at the new greenhouse and also assisted in moving materials.

Orlando talks to Paola about how we’ve dealt with the post-earthquake situation.

The dust and noise near the old greenhouse is currently unbearable, but the new greenhouse location offers tranquility and peace in the shade of the Algarrobo trees.

The new greenhouse begins to take shape.

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