Mural Report

In January 2008 I had a chance to work on a mural project for the outside wall of a school in Bahia De Caraquez, Ecuador.  I was assisted by the children of the Valverde Elementary School and students of the Bahia Bioregionalismo youth group. I was helped by volunteers from Planet Drum: Clay, Jasper, Darlene, Sam, and adults from the community, Cheo and Ramón. 

This two week mural project was designed and mainly painted by children of the Valverde Elementary school.  The theme of the mural “La Naturaleza” (Nature) was developed to stress the importance of the natural resources in the local region, and to keep the idea of an Eco-City alive. The mural is made up of images drawn by the children. There is an image of a giant Galapagos Turtle with the earth on its shell. We see the important sea life represented by fish, sharks, octopuses, and fishermen. The force of the earth is pictured in a volcano exploding with books. The word “cuiden” meaning take care, can be read right below an image of a little girl and boy holding hands in the sky. The message “recycle, reduce, and reuse” can also be read on the mural. This message is to remind the community to keep up with progressive environmental thinking.  

The mural project was made possible through resources provided by Planet Drum Foundation and the kindness of  Bahia residents.  

Fred Alvarado
Muralist Volunteer

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