On Earth Day, we did a beach cleanup and gave away trees.

April 18 to 24, 2005

We planted trees at the Fernando site in Jorge Lomas, and at the Carlos Endara site. We have come to terms with old man Salazar (the other supposed owner of the Fernando site) for the time being. At the Endara site, we got some help from Dario, a nephew of Colombele (the tenant) who happened to be around. There are a lot of little trees naturally growing up there from the vegetation along the fence borders. After a few years, it may not be used for farming maize anymore.

We collected  about 100 seedling guayacans that we had taken out of the ground in Bella Vista Barrio and brought them to the greenhouse. We finished transplanting the cedros, and organized the greenhouse in labeled sections according to species. Kids from the Fanca Eco Club helped us make the signs. We did an inventory of the transplanted plants on Friday:

  • Guachapeli         110
  • Jaboncillo            22
  • Algarrobo             47
  • Ceibo                128
  • Guayacan             83
  • Laurel                  12
  • Cedro                 298
  • Colorado              35 (a lot are ready to be taken out of the seed beds as well)
  • Samango             183

On Earth Day, we did a beach cleanup and gave away trees (13 samango; 7 guachapeli) to passersby who had space at their houses to plant one.

Caitlin Donnovan arrived on Wednesday afternoon (after a very long bus delay due to the political protests that ousted the nation’s president) and has taken the back room. She will stay for two to three months. Kristen and Andrea are now sharing the front room. The next volunteer, Carley, will arrive on May 4th. 

Hasta el proximo!

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