Patricio from the Department of Tourism at the Municipio.

Monday, December 9, 2002

Here’s an update on the park project and Maria Auxiliadora since that is what I have been working on. 

We have been speaking with Patricio from the Department of Tourism at the Municipio to develop the project. He is helping us develop a powerpoint presentation so we can present the project to other people…it includes the idea of guided tours, work parties with community members, environmental education for children of the community, the creation of a museum that would commemorate and give information on the area and the phenomenon of El Nino.

Later this week, the group will have a meeting with members of the surrounding communities to update everyone on what we have been working on. We are also going to have a little work party to create steps for a second trail to enter the park.

We have been working on the large sign (2 by 4 meters) that will be put at the bottom of the hill, and will probably finish it and install it this week. Also the same artist who has painted the sign is creating silk screen t-shirts for the guides and for tourists to buy, which have the logo of the park (the one on the brochure with the hands) and the name. Those should be ready within the next two days.

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