Planet Drum Greenhouse at the Catholic University Update: June

June was a particularly productive month with excellent assistance from six volunteers: Mikaela (Finland), Alisa (Switzerland), Kate (England), Colleen (U.S.), Nico (Spain), and Laura (Ecuador).

Transplanting Naranja seedlings to bottles.
The greenhouse working area expands as tree production swells.
Alisa and Orlando dig up Naranja seedlings for transplanting to bottles.
Mikaela, Kate, Colleen, and Laura arrange bottles for transplanting.

The entire greenhouse area continued to evolve and progress. Space for more trees was increased as tree production expanded. More than 1,000 new trees were transplanted from the seedbeds to bottles, which required cutting all of those bottles, mixing soil and filling the bottles, and then carefully transplanting each tree.

Transplanting seedlings at the Planet Drum greenhouse.
Colleen and Kate mix up another batch of soil.
After hours of preparations, in one morning, more than 500 seedlings were transplanted to bottles.

Mandarina, Toronja (grapefruit), Chirimoya, Naranja (Orange), Mango, Cacao, and Chirimoya trees were transplanted to bottles. As the seedbeds were emptied of seedlings, we replenished the soil and replanted them with fresh batches of seeds Many new batches of Chirimoya seeds were planted, as were Mandarina, and more Toronja.

Planting Chirimoya seeds collected from the Punta Gorda Nature Reserve!
Planting Chirimoya seeds collected from the Punta Gorda Nature Reserve!

Also, the entrance to the greenhouse was improved, the sign was relocated, and a new elevated bed for planting flowers was built as well.

Installing an elevated flowerbed at the entrance to the Planet Drum greenhouse.

Text and photos by Clay Plager-Unger.

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