Planet Drum Greenhouse Bids Farewell to 2017

A nearly empty greenhouse is ready for replenishing in 2018.

After distributing more than 3,000 trees with the National Electric Company throughout the Manabí region in November and early December, the greenhouse has been left with only a few hundred trees in reserve. While it’s great to be able to reach so many different communities and regions with trees for revegetation with the Electric Company, we have lots of work cut out in order to replenish the greenhouse inventory.

A seedbed with Grapefruit, Papaya, Guanabano, Mandarina, and Lima-Naranja seedlings awaiting transplantation.

Fortunately, we are well prepared with a fresh delivery of rice hulls (for soil preparation), massive compost production at the Astillero facility, a large stock of bottles for tree containers, and seedbeds that are bursting with seedlings.

A Guava de Machete seedpod with fruit (white) and seeds (black).

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