Planning for “Bahia Reforestra a Todo Pulmón”

During the second meeting in Bahía de Caráquez this year for coordinating a reforestation effort organized by the CORFAM organization (a provincial-wide reforestation initiative led by the regional government), local environmentalists discuss strategies for organizing events in Bahía de Caráquez as part of a larger civil day of ecological action which will take place on February 20th.

Throughout the Manabí province, hundreds of thousands of trees (mostly provided by CORFAM) will be planted (mostly by residents) on a single day as part of a government-supported reforestation effort entitled “A Todo Pulmón” (“With all our lungs”).

In Bahía, local city officials and environmental groups will collaborate to plant trees at a reforestation site administrated by the Global Student Embassy (GSE) in the Fanca neighborhood. Planet Drum will be donating up to 200 native fruit trees out of a total of 800 native trees, which will be planted during the event.

Marcelo Luque (Cerro Seco Nature Reserve), David Gorozabel (CORFAM), Hugo Vaca (Sucre County Municipality), Ramón Cedeño (Global Student Embassy), and Clay Plager-Unger (Planet Drum Foundation) meet to discuss strategies for the upcoming “A Todo Pulmón” reforestation campaign.

After agreeing on logistical issues, David, Ramon, and I made a field visit to inspect the reforestation site, GSE’s greenhouse near Fanca, and Planet Drum’s greenhouse at the Catholic University.

Ramón and David survey the hillside in the distance. The denuded lower portions of the hills are where the trees will be planted. In the foreground are several thousand trees that CORFAM has given to GSE as part of their reforestation projects. Some of these trees will be planted during the “A Todo Pulmón” event.

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