Planting begins and a visit to Planet Drum’s land.

January 19, 2009-January 31, 2009

Summary: Light rains marked the commencement of the rainy season and we mobilized with tree planting at sites that were waiting with trails and holes already prepared. A new volunteer has joined the planting effort and more are on the way. Email is being flooded with prospective volunteers. And Clay and Jaeson paid a visit to the Planet Drum Bioregional Institute land.

Jaime organizes trees at the greenhouse.

On Monday we went to the greenhouse to do some tree organizing for planting at sites around Bahia (3 Astillero sites and the Rattys site). Trees were moved out of the greenhouse and into groups according to their site.

Clay and Marketa riding in a truck with the trees.

Tuesday we drove to the greenhouse with a hired truck and loaded the trees that were there waiting. Two trips were made from Kilometro 8 to Bahia, delivering over 450 trees. Once the trees were delivered, they were carried uphill to one of the sites in el Astillero.

Wednesday, volunteer Marketa was sick so Jaime and I planted the Rattys site (65 trees).

Thursday both Marketa and Jaime were sick and I took care of some Planet Drum land business at the local registry office and hired roofers to fix some leaks in the apartment.

Planet Drum friends Franco and Paolo planting a Guachepeli in el Astillero.
Ramon helps carry trees up the hillside in el Astillero.
Jaime carries trees up the stairs at the Astillero revegetation site.
Marketa planting an Algarrobo tree.

On Friday the first of three sites in el Astillero (115 trees) was planted. The following Monday and Tuesday, the other two Astillero sites (165 and 103 trees) were planted. Cheo and Ramon joined to help out with the work.

On Wednesday compost was dropped off at the greenhouse and the plants were weeded. Then trees were delivered to the revegetation site at Bosque Encantado (Ricardito’s farm).

Marketa and Jaime working in the greenhouse.
Jaime digging up very large Jaboncillo trees, the roots of which have grown through the holes in the bottle of the plastic bottles.
Jaime with a Jaboncillo tree.

On Thursday the Bosque Encantado site (141 trees) was planted.

On Friday more identification stakes were painted and the trees at the Bosque Encantado site were marked with stakes.

So far, 6 sites with a total of 901 trees have been planted.

Saturday I visited the PDF land with Jaeson, Planet Drum’s land partner.

A view of a ridge on the Planet Drum land. In the foreground are lowlands and grasses growing by a seasonal creek.
Jaeson digs up a soil sample.

We explored potential development locations. A ridgeline and some lowlands were discovered and provide very interesting locations for buildings, agriculture and revegetation.

Soil samples were taken to explore the possibility of making adobe houses.

It was an exciting trip, tainted only by the fact that evidence was found that neighbors have been cutting and taking wood from us. This provides further motivation to begin projects soon to discourage further raiding.

Pásalo bien,

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