New Greenhouse

Orlando and Jorge, a volunteer from Germany, worked at the greenhouse. Besides general greenhouse maintenance such as watering and weeding, they finished various tasks related to tree production—including seed collecting and planting, soil preparation, bottle cutting, and transplanting saplings.

Orlando waters the native plant garden at the Planet Drum greenhouse at the Catholic University. Plants include: Papaya, Yucca, Aloe Vera, Pitahaya (Dragon Fruit), Beans, and Ají peppers.
Orlando and volunteer Jorge plant Fruta del Pan tree seeds in an elevated seedbed at the Planet Drum greenhouse.

Planet Drum is opening a new composting and greenhouse facility in the Astillero neighborhood with local contact and nature enthusiast Jose María. The area was cleaned up in order to begin soil production. Organic waste from the Bahía produce market (mostly damaged fruit, which is abundant and will decompose quickly) is being collected regularly and delivered to the Astillero, where it is added to rotating compost piles for soil production.

Jorge, Orlando, and Jose María clean up an area in the Astillero neighborhood that will be converted in a compost and greenhouse facility.
Orlando and Jose María survey a space for a future composting and greenhouse facility.

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