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A Watershed Runs through You by Freeman House


The essays and talks in A Watershed Runs through You are far-ranging in their vision, offering equal parts inspiration and on-the-ground knowledge for our increasingly climate-challenged times. With an eloquent foreword by Stephanie Mills, this collection is a tribute to the enduring legacy of Freeman House’s vision. As Mills writes, “Not every watershed will find a voice like that of Freeman House. But every watershed needs such streaming wisdom.”

“Freeman’s essays, along with his longer works, are absolutely fundamental to understanding bioregionalism, living-in-place, living-by-life, or just drawing breath in these unsettled times, when humans must deal with the damages wrought by everything from dammed rivers to internal combustion. Freeman offers insights into clearing the wreckage as well as a constant sense of delight in dealing with the natural world; we neglect his heart-root wisdom at our own peril.” — JIM DODGE, author of Fup