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Music of the Indians of Northern California by Jaime de Angulo


Edited by Peter Garland

1988 Soundings Press

“The book you have in hand is a work of beauty and poetry…In this valuable book Peter studies … the musical work of one of the most alluring and shimmering characters of  twentieth century scholarship…Jaime de Angulo was a linguist… an ethnologist who was in all ways on the side of the studied… a writer of power, clarity and imagination who declaimed and sang his writing… a philosopher  and artist …

“Peter has culled from various sources all presently known musical work by de Angulo, collated it and ordered it… Peter himself remarks the poetic mood evoked to any musician by Jaime’s own notations –those flags and banners of various sizes on various levels streaming in a tonal breeze.”

 —- from Jaime de Anglo: An Introduction by Lou Harrison