Raise the Stakes #20: ECO-GOVERNANCE II: Anatomy of the Shasta Bioregional Gathering

Eco-Governance II: Anatomy of the Shasta Bioregional Gathering: An in-depth survey and exploration of the first Shasta Bioregional Gathering in northern California from conception to realization including highlights, participant reports and musings. Also samples bioregional gathering observations/outlines from Toronto’s first Bioregion Week and the fifth TIBC held in Kerrville, Texas. Inspirational accounts and provocative critiques of the bioregional movement, questioning rhetoric and processes of congressing. A companion issue to RTS # 18/19; together they provide an important tool for those planning a gathering in their home region.

Eco-Governance II: Anatomy of the Shasta Bioregional Gathering


  • Bioregional Gatherings Close-Up, Kari Norborg Carter
  • A Gathering Emerges, Kari Norborg Carter
  • Shasta Bioregional Gathering Opening, Peter Berg
  • “Why” Register, Lyman Gregory
  • Media at Gatherings: A Discussion, Jim Dodge, Mary Porter, Judith Lowry, Seth Zuckerman, Ron Whitehurst, Peter Berg, & Danny Moses
  • What Are Salmon Telling Us?, Freeman House
  • Salmon Woman and Raven, Connie Martin, ethnographic text Franz Boaz
  • Mapping Workshop, George Tukel
  • Art In Situ, Joanna Pertz
  • “Local Water Imperatives”, Roger Hicks & Ron Thelin
  • Highlights of SBG Watershed Reports, Judy Goldhaft
  • Multicultural Urban Environmental & Justice Issues, Carl Anthony & Nancy Morita
  • Of Regional Cooking and the Cuisine of Empire, John Birdsall (includes 2 recipes)
  • Native American Panel Presentation, Kari Norborg Carter & Peter Berg
  • Government Agencies’ “Bioregional” Plan: Action Response, Peter Berg, Seth Zuckerman, Andrea Luna, Freeman House & Cecelia Lanman
  • Two Generations Respond, Darryl Wilson and sons
  • Musings on Congress and the Bioregional Movement, Movement Events: Observations & Reports, David McCloskey
  • Curing the Green City Blues, Whitney Smith
  • Turtle Island Bioregional Congress V in the Hill Country Bioregion of Texas, Reflections on Turtle Island Bioregional Congress V, Gene Marshall

Shasta Bioregional Gathering Acknowledgements & Information

  • Managerial Lineup & Sponsors list
  • Scholarship Fund Donors list
  • Workshops & Presentations schedule
  • Art Supply Donors list
  • Cultural Presentations schedule
  • Menus list
  • Food Notes list
  • Local Media Coverage for Further Reference


  • Ripples on the Surface, Gary Snyder
  • Witching Water for Jane and David, Jerry Martien
  • Eco-Rap Lyrics “What’s the Answer” (I’m lookin’ 4 it), Marcus Justice & Bernard Henderson


  • Planet Drum, Call for Artwork and Culture Reports
  • Seth Zuckerman, Upriver Downriver Returns
  • Growing Native Research Institute, Bring Mother Home
  • Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center, Second SBG Set for Sept. 1992
  • Planet Drum, SBG Networking Directory available
  • Planet Drum, Voice of the Turtle to appear in Raise the Stakes

Planet Drum Pulse by Nancy Heil
Stakes Raisers and Planet Drum adventures in and out of the office.

Planet Drum Publications
Activities, how to get involved, items for sale and masthead.


  • Scott Hess (Eco-Governance II: Anatomy of the Shasta Bioregional Gathering) (front cover)
  • Scott Hess, Shasta Bioregional Gathering opens among the redwoods (A Gathering Emerges), also Petaluma River & Watershed report at morning circle (photos) (Highlights of SBG Watershed Reports)
  • Crofton Diack, Shasta Bioregional Gathering Northern California Big Time! (A Gathering Emerges) (announcement graphic)
  • John Davies, SBG logo (Shasta Bioregional Gathering Opening)
  • Joanna Pertz, Opening Ceremony hands logo (Shasta Bioregional Gathering Opening)
  • Fred Hardpan & Norman Loon, Campers’ Advisory Bulletin (Shasta Bioregional Gathering Opening)
  • Judy Goldhaft, (photos) Smokey the Bear (Shasta Bioregional Gathering); Joanna Perta designed t-shirt (photo)(SBG Art Supply Donors); & SF’s Columbus Avenue receives temporary name change (Planet Drum PULSE)
  • Ocean Berg, SBG registration manager (photo) (“Why” Register)
  • Craig Dremann, The Shasta Bioregional Big-Time Artifact! (“Why” Register)
  • Craig Dremann, Bioregions & Ribbon Colors (“Why” Register)
  • Graphic: Robert C. Watts (What Are Salmon Telling Us?)
  • Map Rap, California North Coast Basin, Habitat Protection Proposal (Mapping Workshop)
  • Graphic: Northern California rivers (map) (“Local Water Imperatives”)
  • Graphic: Common Edible and Useful Plants of the West (Of Regional Cooking and the Cuisine of Empire)
  • Graphic: Closing Ceremony hands (Government Agencies’ “Bioregional” Plan)
  • Ruth Gravanis, Raccoon (photo) (Government Agencies’ “Bioregional” Plan)
  • Graphics: 5 (Musings on Congress and the Bioregional Movement)
  • Reva Pomer, Mapping Toronto’s Bioregions (map) (Curing the Green City Blues)
  • Toronto Bioregion Week Brochure, conch shell & brochure (graphics) (Curing the Green City Blues)
  • TIBC Almanac, 16 turtles in a row (graphic) (Turtle Island Bioregional Congress V)

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