Raise the Stakes #23: Things that really work: A Bioregional Toolkit

Things That Really Work: A Bioregional Tool Kit: Chronicles some of the tools and practices that have proven to be effective when bioregionally conscious individuals apply them to their lives. Articles include, Teach Local; Peter Berg’s Putting ‘Bio’ in Front of Regional; Making a Garden of Consequence; and Where Poems Come From: An Interview with Jerry Martien. Also included is a Circles of Correspondence section with reports from Southern Australia and Mexico, Reads, Planet Drum PULSE, Green City Report, and Planet Drum Publications

Things That Really Work: A Bioregional Toolkit

Open Up Your Toolkit, Carli Schultz

Circles of Correspondence (Regional Reports)

  • Paul Downton—Letter From Kangaroo Avenue,
  • Joyce Marshall—Report From a Gathering in Mexico & Huehuecoyotl, Brand New Newsletter available from Mexico


  • D’ Fence, Jay Baldwin
  • Put “Bio” in Front of Regional, Peter Berg
  • Organizing in an Urban Bioregion, Beatrice Briggs
  • Wild Onion Alliance (side box)
  • How To Save the Prairie: The North Branch Prairie Project, Tor Faegre
  • Fire, Tor Faegre
  • Where Poems Come From, an Interview with Jerry Martien, Peter Berg
  • Teach Local, Paul Krapfel
  • Making a Garden of Consequence, Marie Dolcini
  • Getting Outside: Notes on a Elementary Bioregional Education, Jim Dodge

Dune Angels, Jerry Martien


  • Barry Finbarr Keaveny, An Alternative to Columbus Day
  • Planet Drum, RTS #22 Sources for local seeds
  • People’s Life Fund, Redirected War Taxes for Human Needs
  • Planet Drum, Bioregional Directory is Being Completed!

Reviews: Riffs, Reels & Reads

Reviewed by Tricia Dundas

  • Clearcut: The Tragedy of Industrial Forestry, edited by Bill Devall

Reviewed by Carli Schultz

  • To Kneel and Kiss The Ground by Beatrice Briggs
  • The Harbinger File by Harbinger Communications (directory)

Reviewed by Vic Bedoian

  • Indian Summer: Traditional Life Among the Choinumme Indians of California’s San Joaquin Valley by Thomas Jefferson Mayfield, introduction by Malcolm Margolin

Reviewed by Jeremy Lane

  • The Artist As Native: Reinventing Regionalism by Alan Gussow

Green City Report by Sabrina Merlo
Green City/urban sustainability activities in the SF Bay Area.

Planet Drum Pulse by Ocean Berg
Stake Raisers and Planet Drum adventures in and out of the office.

Planet Drum Publications
Activities, how to get involved, items for sale and masthead.


  • Graphic: Avant (front cover)
  • Liz Fial, Extracting an insolent fence post… (D’ Fence)
  • Graphic: Planting New Natives (Put “Bio” in Front of Regional)
  • Graphic: Allium chicagoum (wild chicago) (Organizing in an Urban Bioregion)
  • Graphic (How To Save the Prairie…)
  • Graphic: Dune Angel (Where Poems Come From)
  • Graphic: Plants (Teach Local)
  • Marie Dolcini (3 photos) (Making a Garden of Consequence)
  • Victor Klassen, About to Go (Getting Outside…)
  • Location maps (Circles of Correspondence)
  • Graphic (Circles of Correspondence)
  • Sabrina Merlo & Judy Goldhaft, Planet Drummers at Carnaval (photos)
  • Shafi Hakim, Planet Drum staff (photo)

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