Raise the Stakes #25: Connecting Our Species: Planet Reports

Connecting Our Species: Planet Reports: Find out how local bioregional activities are becoming prevalent on a global scale. This issue includes a comprehensive interview with David Suzuki by Peter Berg on local grassroots activism, planetary and ecological awareness; reports from South of the Alps, Rhineland, Spain, Scotland, Japan, and the U.S.; a review of Stephanie Mills’ In Service of the Wild by Jim Dodge; Peter Berg on the role of bioregionalism in United Nations policy, and more. Also, Remembering Franco Beltrametti, Circles of Correspondence, Planet Drum PULSE, and bioregional directory updates.

Connecting Our Species: Planet Reports

Circles of Correspondence (Regional Reports)

  • Dr. Paul Routledge, Glasgow Earth First!—Ecopolitics and the Free State: Scotland’s First Anti-Motorway Conflict
  • Paul Glover—Creating Ecological Economics with Local Currency
  • Gena VanCamp & Bob Glotzbach—Shasta Bioregional Gathering IV-Bridge to the Future
  • Stephanie Mills—On The Watershed: The Sixth Great Lakes Bioregional Congress


  • Thinking About the Biosphere and Getting Bioregional, Peter Berg interview with David Suzuki
  • U.N. at 50: Time for A New Perspective, Peter Berg
  • The Century of Bioregionalism, Santiago Vilanova, Catalonia
  • Bioregion As A Unifying Vision, Inoue Yuichi
  • Why the Moon Is Not on the Internet, Ken Rodgers
  • Three Green City Glances at Japan, Peter Berg
  • European Visit Fuels Bioregional Fervor, Peter Berg
  • South of the Alps, Franco Beltrametti
  • Remembering Franco Beltrametti, James Koller
  • Remember Franco Beltrametti. Stefan Hyner
  • Franco Beltrametti, A Sketch, Peter Berg
  • Thoughts About the Rhine-Valley, Stefan Hyner


  • Caribouddhism, Gary Lawless
  • Trickster Ayers Rock, Conrad Levasseur

Weaving Alliances

  • Friends of Santa Monica Mountains and Seashore, Topanga, CA
  • The Geonomy Society, Albion, CA
  • Planet Drum Foundation, San Francisco, CA
  • Santa Cruz Bioregional Institute, Boulder Creek, CA
  • Kivaki Press, Durango, CO
  • Way of the Mountain Center, Silverton, CO
  • Mesechabe, New Orleans, LA
  • Gulf of Maine Books, Brunswick, ME
  • Harmonious Earth Research, Kihei, HI

New Listings:


  • Pacific Coast
    • Ecology Center, Berkeley, CA
    • Northcoast Environmental Center, Arcata, CA
    • Fossil Fuels Policy Action Institute/Alliance For A Paving Moratorium, Arcata, CA
  • Pacific Mountains
    • Yuba Watershed Institute, Nevada City, CA
  • Basin and Range
    • Environmental Action Report, Cottonwood, AZ
  • Rocky Mountains
    • Bitteroot’s Mind on Clark’s Fork of the Columbia, Missoula, MT
  • Great Plains
    • Crosstimbers (Oak Hickory Forest), Flower Mound, TX
  • Great Lakes
    • Lake Calumet Study Committee, Chicago, IL
  • Atlantic Mountains
    • Elfin Permaculture/Yankee Permaculture, Dahlonega, GA
  • Atlantic Mountains
    • Living Education Center For Ecology & The Arts, Charlottesville, VA
  • Europe
    • Gaia, Palombara, RM Italy


  • Mississippi River Valley
    • Dan Earle, Baton Rouge, LA


  • Jonathan Ellerby, Plea for Resources
  • Otherwise, Otherwise: The Earth Pledge Foundation Book Review
  • Kathy Wildman, Hearts and Flowers Butterfly Farm, Seeds Available to Educators
  • Ishi & Sarah Crosby, Earth Village Network, Marses Earth Village
  • Forest Tree Seed Company, Tree Seeds Available for Home Growing
  • Giuseppe Moretti, Centro di Documentazione Bioregionale, International Cooperation Appeal
  • Green Party, Puig Wins in Catalonia
  • Spot the Difference! Green-Tourism
  • Beatrice Briggs, Raise the Stakes #26, Bioregional Association Update, Turtle Island Bioregional Congress VII
  • Planet Drum, Discovering Your Life-Place: A First Bioregional Workbook

Reviews: Riffs, Reads & Reels

Reviewed by Jim Dodge

  • In Service of the Wild by Stephanie Mills

Reviewed by Seth Zuckerman

  • Restoration Forestry: An International Guide to Sustainable Forestry Practices by Michael Pilarski

Reviewed by Carli Schultz

  • The Way of the Earth: Encounters with Nature in Ancient and Contemporary Thought by T.C. McLuhan

Reviewed by Hitomi Maeda

  • Listening to the Land by Derrick Jensen

Reviewed by S. Dog

  • Full House: Reassessing the Earth’s Population Carrying Capacity by Lester R. Brown & Hal Kane

Reviewed by Kari Norberg Carter

  • Follow the Dirt Road: An Introduction to Intentional Communities in the 1990s by Monique Gauthier & Daniel Greenberg
  • Communities Directory: A Guide to Cooperative Living by Fellowship for Intentional Community

Reviewed by Elizabeth Kristen

  • Clean and Green: The Complete Guide to Nontoxic and Environmentally Safe Housekeeping by Annie Berthold-Bond

Planet Drum Pulse by Debbie Hubsmith
Stake Raisers and Planet Drum adventures in and out of the office.

Green City Report & Education + Action
Green City/urban sustainability & educational activities in the SF Bay Area.


  • Victor Vasques Temó, Harvesting and Growing Onions (front page)
  • F. Phipps/CBS, David Suzuki (photo) (Thinking About the Biosphere…)
  • D. Rengo, Consumer Equivalents (Thinking About the Biosphere…)
  • Graphic: Population Consumerism Poverty (Thinking About the Biosphere…)
  • Bruce McGillivray, Devolutionary Europe map (U.N. at 50: Time for A New Perspective)
  • Making maps from machi-watching (Bioregion As A Unifying Vision)
  • Peter Berg, “La Judy” Goldhaft in Catalonia (European Visit Fuels Bioregional Fervor)
  • Judy Goldhaft, Peter Berg in Italy (European Visit Fuels Bioregional Fervor)
  • Canton Ticino map (South of the Alps)
  • Franco Beltrametti note to Peter & Judy (South of the Alps)
  • Graphic: Vulture (South of the Alps)
  • Graphic: Beltrametti-Koller Reading at New College (Remembering Franco Beltrametti)
  • Graphic: Franco Beltrametti – Riva S.V. (South of the Alps)
  • Rhine Valley (photo) (Thoughts About the Rhine-Valley)
  • Location maps (Circles of Correspondence)
  • Graphic: Ithaca dollar (Creating Ecological Economics with Local Currency)
  • Shasta Bioregional Gathering logo (Shasta Bioregional Gathering IV)
  • Great Lakes Bioregional Congress ’95 (On The Watershed: The Sixth Great Lakes Bioregional Congress)
  • 2 Graphics (Weaving Alliances)
  • Shafi Hakim, Planet Drum staff (photo)
  • Graphic: Lorenzo ? (back cover)

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