Raise the Stakes #26: 3 R’s and a B Bioregional School

3 R’s and a B: Bioregional School: This issue focuses on alternative education practices, specifically bioregional school programs, urban eco-education, and folk learning.

3 R’s and a B: Bioregional School
This issue of RTS is dedicated to Binti Jua, Gorilla Mother


  • Schools Can Construct the Path Back to Where We Are, Byrd Schas
  • A School’s Community: The Place to Learn About Ecology, Simon Hurd
  • How To Shift to Community Based Ecology and Arts Le arning, Ernest Reed plus Literature Cited [in his article]
  • 13 Ways of Looking at a Grade, Howard Horowitz
  • A Cypress Curriculum t hat Won’t Rot, Kathleen Duplantier
  • Mr. Tom Colvin Builds A Pirogue, Matthew Marlborough-2nd Grade, Anie Sipos-1st Grade; Curtis Allen-3rd Grade, Ashley Revere-1st Grade, Jason Mineo-4th Grade
  • Earthscore for Educators, Paul Ryan
  • Schooling In A Wild Preserve, An Interview with Doug Tompkins, Byrd Schas
  • You Are Where You Eat
    • I The Need, Kelley Walters
    • II The Practice, Pam Kasey
    • III College Agenda (U.C. Davis Food Services), Gail Feenstra & Dave Campbell
  • Interspecies Lessons
    • Migratory Routes: Pathways for Interconnectedness, Chris Desser
    • For a Great Leap Forward, Rev. Dan Meyer (Froggy)
  • The Bioregional Association of the Northern Americas (BANA), Byrd Schas (report from the founding meeting.)


  • Jill Torres & Sharon Farrell, Creating Community: Curriculum for the Future, Students, Stewardship and Sustainability
  • The Association Réseau Terre, France, property purchase
  • Regeneration Resources, Proceedings Shasta Bioregional Gathering IV
  • Beatrice Briggs, First Bioregional Gathering of the Americas, November 17-24, 1996
  • A Sacred Space, Native Hawaiian’s land and sovereignty
  • The Institute for Bioregional Studies, developing courses on bioregional education
  • Planet Drum, Discovering Your Life-Place: A First Bioregional Workbook
  • Ottawa Youth Bioregional Initiative (O.Y.B.I.)
  • Petrolia High School: Living in the Natural World (insert)

Reviews: Riffs, Reads & Reels
Reviewed by David Graves

  • Balancing the Scales: Guidelines for Increasing Biodiversity’s Chances Through Bioregional Management

Reviewed by Kenton R. Miller

  • Head/Waters, edited by Linny Stovall

Reviewed by Paul Ryan

  • Shell Game: A True Account of Beads and Money in North America, by Jerry Martien

Reviewed by James Koller

  • In Cold Margins: Sustainable Development in Northern Bioregions, by J.M. Jamil Brownson

Reviewed by S.S. Kush

  • Poems For the Wild Earth, edited by Gary Lawless

Reviewed by Patrick Mazza

  • Shared Living Communities: Housing for Ecological Living, Personal Empowerment and the New Extended Family by Ken Norwood & Kathleen Smith, forward by Ernest Callenbach

Green City Report by Planet Drum Staff
Green City/urban sustainability activities in the SF Bay Area.

The Green City Hands-On Activist Award granted to Ron Thelin by Peter Berg

Planet Drum Pulse by Jonathan Burstein
Stake Raisers and Planet Drum adventures in and out of the office.


  • Judy Goldhaft (4 young school children) (front cover photo)
  • Simon Hurd (A School’s Community)
  • Debbie Hubsmith (A School’s Community)
  • Aimeé del Longchamp (How To Shift To Community Based Ecology)
  • Kathleen Duplantier (A Cypress Curriculum That Won’t Rot)
  • Steve Duplantier (Mr. Tom Colvin Builds A Pirogue)
  • Elise Morris (Schooling in a Wild Preserve)
  • Kelley Walters & Pat Kasey (3 photos) (You Are Where You Eat)
  • Brian M. Aalbers (U.C. David Food Services)
  • Byrd Schas (For a Great Leap Forward)
  • Migratory Species Project, Migratory Route of the Leatherback Turtle (Migratory Routes: Pathways for Interconnectedness)
  • Byrd Schas (For a Great Leap Forward)
  • Judi Quick, 1996 Green City Award (The Green City Hands-On Activist Award)
  • Peter Panaher, Planet Drum Staff (photo)

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