Raise the Stakes #29: Raise The Stakes Anthology I: A Deep (ecology) Breath Before 2000

“A Deep (ecology) Breath Before 2000”: Celebrate 20 years of Raise the Stakes with an inside view of the history of the bioregional movement.

A Deep (ecology) Breath Before 2000
Raise the Stakes Anthology I


  • One Step Back, Two Steps Forward, Ross Robertson
  • Soft Borders (RTS 1, Fall 1979)


  • Beyond Environmentalism
  • More Than Just Saving What’s Left, Peter Berg (RTS 8, Fall 1983)
  • Decolonizing the Language of the Ecology Movement, Richard Grow (RTS 15, Fall 1989)

Cultural Critiques

  • Media and Monoculture: An Interview with Jerry Mander, Michael Helm (RTS 4, Winter 1982)
  • Kill the Cowboy: A Battle of Mythology in the West, Sharman Apt Russell (RTS 21, Spring/Summer 1993)


  • Decentralism: Is It Possible as a Central Government Policy?, Jacques Ellul (RTS 3, Summer 1981)
  • On Bioregional Boundaries, David McCloskey (RTS 14, Winter 1988-1989)
  • Migratory Routes: Pathways for Interconnectedness, Chris Desser (RTS 26, Fall 1996)

Life-Place Education

  • Remembering the Instructions of the Land, Freeman House (RTS 27, Summer 1997)
  • Getting Outside: Notes on an Elementary Bioregional Education, Jim Dodge (RTS 23, Summer 1994)

Organizing Bioregional Groups

  • Organizing in an Urban Bioregion, Beatrice Briggs (RTS 23, Summer 1994)
  • Organizing Your Own Bioregional Congress, David Haenke (RTS 6, Winter 1983)

You Can Say That, Duncan McNaughton,


  • Celebrating 20 years of Raise the Stakes! (front page)
  • Andy MacKinnon, Has Biodiversity Come to This? (A Satire)
  • Slow Food, Being Ecological Now Means Having More Fun
  • International Supporters for Australian Native Title, Recommended by Guard Fox Watch
  • Memoriam: Luna Moth Robbin
  • Planet Drum 25th Anniversary Discounts

Reviews: Riffs, Reads & Reels
Reviewed by Peter Berg

  • Ecology: A Pocket Guide, by Ernest Callenbach

Reviewed by Jerry Martien

  • Earth’s Mind: Essays in Native Literature, by Roger Dunsmore

Reviewed by Philippa Strelitz

  • Buddha’s Nature: Evolution As A Practical Guide to Enlightenment, by Wes Nisker

Reviewed by Laura Hartzell

  • A Sampler of Alternative Homes: Approaching Sustainable Architecture, by Kelly Hart

Green City Report by Brian Block
Green City/urban sustainability activities in the SF Bay Area.

Planet Drum Pulse by Ross Robertson
Stake Raisers and Planet Drum adventures in and out of the office.

Planet Drum Publications
Activities, how to get involved, items for sale and masthead.

BANA (Bioregional Association of the North Americas) Update by Judy Goldhaft


  • Daniel O. Stolpe, Woman and Deer-Spirit Dancing (front page)
  • Daniel O. Stolpe, Winged Beginning (Soft Borders)
  • Ann Barnard (More Than Just Saving What’s Left)
  • Ted Benari, Teepee on Alcatraz during Indians of All Tribes occupation. (Decolonizing the Language of the Ecology Movement)
  • Arthur Okamura (Media and Monoculture)
  • Marianna Tempe-Long, Cowboys on the Range (Kill the Cowboy)
  • Bruce McGillivray, Devolutionary Europe Map (excerpt) (Decentralism)
  • Defoliated Borderline—U.S.-Canada (On Bioregional Boundaries)
  • Migratory Species Project, Migratory Route of the Golden Plover (Migratory Routes)
  • Robert Buelteman, Arcularius Ranch (Remembering the Instructions of the Land)
  • Victor Klassen, About to Go (Getting Outside)
  • Charlotte Avant, Allium chicagoum (wild chicago) (Organizing in an Urban Bioregion)
  • Ozark Area Community Congress logo(Organizing Your Own Bioregional Congress)
  • Shasta Bioregional Gathering logo (Organizing Your Own Bioregional Congress)
  • Shafi Hakim-Planet Drum Staff photo (Masthead)

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