Raise the Stakes #30: RAISE THE STAKES Anthology II: Eco-Realism about Water, Food, Cities

Eco-Realism about Water, Food, Cities
Raise the Stakes Anthology II

RAISE THE STAKES Did Just That, Peter Berg (Final issue and recap of RTS history)


  • High Quality Information, Jim Dodge (RTS 4, Winter 1982)

Cities/Urban Sustainability

  • Recreating Urbanity, Peter Berg (RTS 17, Winter 1991)
  • The Green City As Thriving City: Implications for Local Economic Development, David Morris (RTS 13, Winter 1988)
  • Cities: Salvaging the Parts, Morris Berman, Gary Snyder, Ernest Callenbach, Murray Bookchin (RTS 3, Summer 1981)


  • The Flow of Power, Donald Worster (RTS 7, Spring 1983)
  • Water Is Life: An Open Letter to the People, John Trudell (RTS 7, Spring 1983)

Bioregional Agriculture

  • Neolithic Land Management, Marc Bonfils (RTS 16, Spring/Summer 1990)
  • Linking Plant Homelands and Human Homelands: Horticultural Practices of California Indian Tribes, Kat Anderson (RTS 22, Winter 1993/1994)
  • Eating Our Teachers: Local Food, Local Knowledge, Marti Crouch (RTS 22, Winter 1993/1994)
  • A Garden Growing Wild: The Promise of a Bioregional Agriculture, Peter Bane (RTS 22, Winter 1993/1994)
  • A Visit to the Supermarket, Peter Bane (RTS 22, Winter 1993/1994)

Special Report:
Ecuador Green City Revisited, August ’99, Peter Berg


  • Celebrating 20 years of Raise the Stakes! (front page)
  • Memoriam: Holbrook Teter and tribute to Turtle Sheets, Judy Goldhaft
  • Planet Drum, 10% to 35% discount (specific publications)

Reviews: Riffs, Reads & Reels

Reviewed by Peter Berg

  • Totem Salmon, Life Lessons from Another Species, by Freeman House

Reviewed by Beatrice Briggs

  • Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision-Making, by Sam Kaner, et al

Reviewed by Ocean Berg

  • Mothers & Others for a Liveable Planet: Guide to Natural Baby Care, by Mindy Pennybacker & Aisha Ikramuddin

Reviewed by Judy Goldhaft

  • La Balia (The Wet Nurse), by Marco & Pier Georgio Bellocchio (film)

Other Notable Books:

  • The Greater Cleveland Environment Book, by David Beach
  • Off the Map, by Chellis Glendinning
  • Caribouddhism, by Gary Lawless
  • Wisdom Sits in Places, by Keith Basso
  • Earth’s Mind, by Roger Dunsmore
  • Giving the Land A Voice, Mapping Our Home Places, edited by Sheila Harrington, contributing authors: Doug Aberley, Michel Dunn, Briony Penn

Green City Report by Brian Block
Green City/urban sustainability activities in the SF Bay Area.

Planet Drum Pulse by Judy Goldhaft
Stake Raisers and Planet Drum adventures in and out of the office.

Planet Drum Publications
Activities, how to get involved, items for sale and masthead.

  • Membership form
  • BANA Bioregional Book Bundles (insert)

BANA (Bioregional Association of the North Americas) Update, by Acasia


  • Daniel Stolpe-Shaman’s Dream (front page)
  • Peter Danaher-Nation Quirer (High Quality Information)
  • Judy Goldhaft, Abandoned Car at Maui (Recreating Urbanity)
  • Leonard Rifas-Price-Cost cartoon (The Green City As Thriving City)
  • Nancy von Stouenberg (Cities: Salvaging the Parts)
  • Photo Courtesy of Sierra Club (The Flow of Power)
  • BANA logo (BANA Update)
  • Catherine Rose Crowther (Neolithic Land Management)
  • Wendy Wells (Eating Our Teachers)

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