Raise the Stakes #5: NATURAL PROVISION

Natural Provision

Circles of Correspondence (Regional Reports)

  • Lawrence George Ross—Martha’s Vineyard Report
  • Michael Helm—California Update, The Limits of Hydraulic Society
  • Phil McManus—Southeast Alaska Update
  • Doug Dobyns—British Columbia Update
  • William Koethke—Mogollon Highlands Report
  • William Koethke—Big Mountain Report
  • David Olesen—Quetico-Superior Report


  • Africa, Alem Mezgebe, interviewed by Michael Helm
  • Natural Provision
    • Salmon Enhancement, Michael Helm
    • Reforestation, Victoria Stockley, interviewed by Michael Helm
  • AIM Summit Meeting, Siena Raffia
  • Freedom to be Respectful, Russell Means, interviewed by Peter Berg

Old Woman Nature, Gary Snyder


  • Seed Allies, Gary Nabhan
  • Where You At?, Dolores LaChapelle

Anti-Nuke Poems Wanted, Abalone Alliance

Reviewed by Peter Berg

  • In Search of the Primitive (A Critique of Civilization), Stanley Diamond

Reviewed by Robert C. Watts

  • The Desert Smells Like Rain, Gary Nabhan

Reviewed by Michael Helm

  • Tree Talk, Ray Raphael

Reviewed by Sheila Purcell

  • Knowing Home; Studies for a Possible Portland, edited by the staff of RAIN

Planet Drum Update

  • Networking and Distribution, Sheila Purcell
  • Activities, How to get Involved, , Items for Sale, Masthead

Robert Watts, Skylark & Dusty Atkins, Dan Budnick, Linda Dietrich, No Place to Go, Nancy Von Stoutenburg, Mattole Watershed Salmon Support Group, Paul Brigman, Michelle Vignes, Thomas Morris

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