School children to visit from the Eloy Alfaro School.

October 22 – October 26, 2007         

On Monday the Bosque en Medio de las Ruinas site was watered. The plants and seedbeds at the greenhouse were watered as well and the house compost was dumped off. I stayed home in the office, finishing up the translation of the Bioregionalism Education booklet.

Tuesday the La Cruz and Bosque Encantado sites were watered. While at Ricardito’s farm we cut Moyuyo stakes and collected Samango seeds.

Wednesday morning we scoured the streets of Bahia and Leonidas Plaza, collecting discarded plastic 3-liter soda bottles. The bottles were taken to the greenhouse where they were cut and washed. The plants were watered and new soil for transplanting was prepared.    

On Thursday morning we held an open house at the greenhouse from 9-noon in conjunction with the Universidad Catolica’s open house. We had arranged several classes of school children to visit from the Eloy Alfaro School. In addition, several groups of visitors came to see the setup at the greenhouse. 

While waiting for things to begin we moved some of the trees around to make room for planting more seedbeds. Once visitors started coming by, we began showing off our collection of a couple thousand trees and over ten different kinds of native species. 

With the groups of students I talked about how compost is created, and the importance of planting trees. They got to see seedlings popping up in seedbeds and how trees grow from saplings into trees that are over a year old and very ready to be planted on hillsides. They were all well behaved and engaged in the demonstrations. 

After things wrapped up at the open house we headed out to the El Toro site with Ricardito and took take care of watering there.           

On Friday I took a vacation day and got out of Bahia for a long weekend. The rest of the crew took care of watering the Maria Dolores and Don Pepe revegetation sites and watering at the greenhouse before the weekend.

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