Still dealing with Aphids, but less of them.

June 19-25, 2006

This week the Planet Drum team worked at 4 sites and our greenhouse. On Monday we went to water at El Torro, where all the trees looked relatively healthy and happy, and the friendly farmer that gives us our water had more than enough to tell us about his pigs. It was our new volunteer Johannes’ first day, so we explored a bit and made him carry lots of extra water bottles. After El Torro, Sarah went out to the greenhouse to check on the aphids. Unfortunately they too were really happy and healthy, so she made up a new batch of water, vinegar and soap and carefully sprayed each little tree with an infestation problem. Tuesday the team went to Bosque Encantado (after the World Cup game, of course) to water trees. Three friends from the local community came to help water so we could cover more ground than usual. Although the trees, especially those higher up, looked very dry it was obvious that many are coming back and thriving. Wednesday we went to La Cruz, the Greenhouse, and Cherry Tree, again with local helpers. There were finally less aphids at the greenhouse, which was a huge relief, and the little saplings at Cherry Tree looked incredibly healthy and happy.

We’ve had a lot of change lately at the Planet Drum house. Catherine left on Tuesday night for a month of traveling, but will be back to work with us again since she can’t get enough. Our new volunteer, Johannes from Germany, arrived on Sunday, and Sarah is leaving tonight (she’ll really be missed as she’s the most amazing volunteer we’ve ever had). Also Valentina’s after-school education started this week, and she has a great group of children in her class. 

Although Ecuador lost against Germany, there were still ‘fiestas’ in the street. Wednesday night was the 60th birthday of the local radio station.  There was dancing in the street all night accompanied by cake, more food than anyone could ever eat, free bottles of cana mañabita (a local sugar cane alcohol). We’re looking forward to next week, and the chance to watch Ecuador beat England (¡Si se pueden!) 

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