Peter Berg’s Presentations

How Eco-Bahia Was Rescued

By Peter Berg | February 25, 2009

Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador The high-pitched enthusiasm of Carnaval is building and an interviewer/photographer team from Taiwan’s Spirit magazine has arrived to report on Eco-Bahia, requesting a tour by me through Bosque en Medio de las Ruinas “wild park.” We were graced with a rainless day to climb down the steps at the farthest entrance accompanied by Patricio Tamariz (who had arranged for the Taiwanese visit), Clay and several Planet […]

Japan Dispatches—2005

By Peter Berg | July 25, 2005

In the summer of 2005, Peter Berg returned to Japan. Here we published his reports as we received them. Dispatch #1, Colors Are The Deeds Of Light, July 5, 2005. An exposition of Peter Berg’s bioregional sustainability presentation for eco-philosopher Yuichi Inouye’s Seika University classes with in depth responses to Q & A’s. Dispatch #2, Finding the Future in the Mud, July 10, 2005. Ecological prophecies and excitement in […]

Japan Dispatches, 2004

By Peter Berg | October 20, 2004

Peter and Judy returned to Japan on the Autumnal Equinox 2004. Soon after, we started receiving dispatches from this journey. Ecology leader and Planet Drum Foundation Board Member Kimiharu To acted as networker supreme as well as guide and interpreter for travels & presentations. Dispatch #1, A Prescription for Japan’s Cities, Sept. 26, 2004. A discussion about urban problems and examples of a workshop/presentation and proactive […]

2001 Bioregional Asia Tour: Reports by Peter Berg

By Peter Berg | August 1, 2001

Three Dispatches are below from Japan, China and Mongolia(most photos by Judy Goldhaft, some by Peter Berg and some by Kimiharu To) Bioregionalism Finds Eager Audiences In Japan Planet Drum Foundation concluded a three week, five city tour of Japan on May 30th titled “Bioregionalism: Proactive Approaches to Sharing the Earth.” Peter Berg and Judy Goldhaft presented over a dozen talks, map-making workshops, and performances of […]

The Post-Environmentalist Directions of Bioregionalism

By Peter Berg | April 10, 2001

The Post-Environmentalist Directions of Bioregionalism a lecture by Peter Berg given at the University of Montana, Missoula, April 10, 2001. The central subject I’m going to be talking about is the biosphere, the thin skin of life that surrounds our planet. A very thin covering, like our own skin. And the question is: how do we biosphere? It sounds like a verb, doesn’t it? This […]

Peter Berg at Watershed: Writers, Nature and Community

By Peter Berg | April 16, 1996

Introduction An indication that bioregional consciousness might contend with the highest level of officialculture in the United States arrived with a 1996 event titled Watershed: Writers, Natureand Community in Washington, DC. Convened by President Clinton’s appointed PoetLaureate Robert Hass, it brought a total audience of thousands to fill several auditoriums atthe Library of Congress and other venues for a week. They heard dozens of contemporarynature […]