The greenhouse inventory.

October 10-16, 2005

The greenhouse inventory below was taken on October 10th (bags and bottles only; not seedbeds). The numbers may not be exact, but they give us an idea nonetheless.

Algarrobo                     9

Aguia                           3

Cascol                        10

Colorado                     83

Cedro                        223

Ceibo                        117

Ebano                          11

Guachapeli                 102

Jaboncillo                      5

Guayacan                    221

Samango                     103

Seca                              1

TOTAL                        888

We did some minor repairs to the greenhouse as usual, and the University has for some reason chopped back the Muyuyo tree that was covering the outside seedbeds. Maybe it will be good for those trees to get more light?  We transplanted some Aguia and Cascol seedlings, sowed more Aguia and Guasmo, and aerated the bottles of some Ceibos that were growing an algae—like film on the inside. Stephanie placed her tree identification signs, which are quite artistically done. The smaller trees at the University site were also watered.

We watered Cherry Tree and Dairy Farm twice—many trees at both sites seem to be doing better now and have sprung back to life after being burnt (at Cherry Tree). The climate has also been a bit moist recently, with light rain in the characteristically wetter areas. Maybe this is slowly recharging groundwater supplies which some plants are drawing on.

The Fernando site is still doing well. The tank we use there is very low, but the owner wants us to finish it off since the murky dregs are good for watering trees, but not much else. I got a few Bototo seeds from a tree there—they are surrounded by a light fluff which feels like sheep’s wool.

Riccardo has decided to volunteer with us two or three times a week as he feels this arrangement is a fair exchange for his stay in the house. David departed on Saturday night, and Megan Bomba, the new volunteer, arrived on Sunday night on the same bus as Stephanie and Briana, who were coming back from a trip to Quito.

I went to look at some new land for planting on the hill above the Mariantia Jesus neighborhood. It is the land around the defunct cement water tanks up there. I think it will be a feasible site. We have permission from Roberto’s family, who lives in the area. I should also get permission from the Municipio, as some of it is public land. Let me know if you would like me to send you pictures.

I also went hiking to La Gorda (a couple of beaches past Punta Bellaca), where I collected some Pela Caballo seeds. This is the place where Don and Thea are working on an eco-tourism project with the land owners.

Hasta luego, 

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