The tour of El Bosque went well.

August 15 to 21, 2005

(I forgot to say in my last report that we also watered and picked up trash at El Bosque last week, and I worked on a tree ID sheet and quiz for Genesis School as we will be taking them on a tour there soon.)

Well, no more burning at the Cherry Tree site.  David and I had a hard day of watering there and at the Dairy Farm, just us two.  As we water, we check up on the watering pipes and if they’re not draining properly open the hole again with a nail.  We also repair the fences as need be.

Did some minor repair at the greenhouse and compost hole, weeded, watered, composted and transplanted a few little trees that were growing up outside the greenhouse.  Also watered the trees at the Universidad Catolica site.

Watered the Fernando site with Thea’s help, and got a tour of eccentric Carlos Salazar’s home improvements, such as his new kitchen mural, and front yard cat walk.

The tour of El Bosque went well with the Genesis school – about 25 students and 5 adults.  We talked about the history, dry tropical forest and species, burning, the importance of an urban park….  They helped us water the trees as well, and received their treat handouts at the end.

The trees at the Endara site near Cherry Tree and Dairy Farm continue to do well, and probably won’t need any watering after next rainy season.I dropped off the convenio (contract) for Maria Piedad to sign but haven’t heard back from her yet.  She’s fine with us planting on her land near Interamericano School in the winter.

Hasta pronto!


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