Greenhouse improvements and new volunteers.

July 3-9, 2006

Pretty quiet week here on the home front… dry and cool. Great time to be working and volunteering here on the Ecuadorian coast! Late in the week, with the help of local volunteers Jaime and Cheo, we raced through our watering sites (Cherry Tree, El Toro, La Cruz and Bosque Encantado). 

But what about early in the week you may ask? We spent it in the greenhouse dear reader!

Last weekend and all day Monday, the greenhouse ¨magically¨ doubled in size. The roof also grew higher (to accommodate us tall folk), storage platforms were built and there is now room for over 5000 seedlings! The 18 hour day on Monday was tough, but it is great to see the structure built, covered and finished! I think Johannes is one of the first volunteers to be in the greenhouse after sunset! Nice one! Pictures will be available soon… our blisters and bruises have to heal first!

The week not only brought improvements in the greenhouse, but we also gained two more energetic volunteers…Jennifer and Sam. Their background in education and positive energy are fantastic! Great additions to the Planet Drum team. We are full to the rafters again, but there is always room in the inn! We would love to have you, the reader, here in Ecuador with us! Send us an email to make arrangements…hope to hear from you soon.

Hasta pronto,

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