Transplanting Seedlings at Los Algarrobos School

Last September, we planted fruit tree seeds that students from the Algarrobos School in Canoa had brought from home in the elevated seedbeds at the school. Since then, many of the seeds germinated and have grown into seedlings ready for transplanting.
The volunteers and I took a trip to the school with supplies to transplant the seedlings out of the seedbeds and into recycled plastic cups.
Students from 4th, 5th, and 6th grades took turns mixing soil, filling cups with soil, and transplanting the seeds they had planted 3 months previously. Many of the students were able to remember exactly where they had planted their seeds in the beds and transplanted seedlings from the very same seeds they had collected and planted.
A total of 200 native fruit trees were transplanted and distributed among all the students and faculty to take home for planting. Some students had brought new seeds for planting, so after transplanting all the seedlings from the seedbeds, new seeds were planted.

Lada watches as students transplant seedlings into the cups.
Students planting new seeds they brought from home in the seedbeds.
The Planet Drum crew plus students and faculty from Los Algarrobos School pose for a picture after a morning of transplanting seedlings.
Sixth graders mixing soil for transplanting seedlings at Los Algarrobos School in Canoa
Students filling repurposed plastic cups with soil.
Planet Drum volunteers Sebastian, Delphine, and Lucas help Algarrobos School students dig up the native fruit tree seedlings they had planted three months previously with seeds they had collected themselves.
Alina helps students transplant trees.

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