Triciclo Tree Donation Campaigns

Nicolas with a triciclo full of trees for donating to residents in downtown Bahía.

As residents slowly stabilize their lives after the earthquake, they have more time and energy to think about tree planting again.

Many residents who lived on the hillsides above Bahía are still living in tents in the park by the church. They were enthusiastic about receiving trees for planting on their properties in order to stabilize the hillside.

Urban tree donation campaigns using a triciclo is a great way to meet with local residents, offer them trees for planting at their houses, and discuss the Bahía rebuilding process. Many locals are interested in stabilizing damaged hillsides by planting trees, and/or want a fruit tree to plant.

Nicolas plants a tree in a backyard patio in downtown Bahía.

Planting a tree is a therapeutic activity. It is enjoyable (for some) and gives people something to be hopeful about, as they water and care for their new tree. Residents were excited about receiving trees.

Nicolas planting trees in a hillside neighborhood in Bahía.

Over the course of two triciclo campaigns, more than two hundred trees were donated to Bahíans. We even carried a hole-digger with us, and had an opportunity to plant a few trees for people in their backyards.

Delivering trees via triciclo to residents in the Bellavista community.

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