Triciclos in the Rain

The much-hyped El Niño rains have only made a small appearance in Bahía de Caráquez thus far this rainy season (typically January-April). As of late January it has only rained hard three times, plus a handful of drizzles. Due to recent years of (severe) drought conditions, the rains have been desperately needed for the survival of forest vegetation, and the hills have turned from dusty brown to brilliant green. But compared with previous strong El Niño events (1982-32 and 1997-98), the current sporadic rains really aren’t anything in comparison. There’s still plenty of time in the rainy season for anything to develop, so as the forecasters have grown tired saying, “wait and see.”

Around town, people mostly continue their daily business as they normally would, rain or no rain. Here’s an example: Bahía’s favorite eco-friendly form of transportation, the Triciclo, cruising the streets with passengers during a torrential downpour.

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