Valentina preparing a summer course in bioregionalism for teens.

June 12, 2006

Last week I have been to Colegio Interamericano and to Colegio Eloy Alfaro and I left 80 invitations in total to the students (in order for the parents to know and decide together). The students are 10 to 14 years old and since the course is not an ‘obligation’ we don’t know how many students will participate to the lessons. 

The program is going to start on Monday, 19th June. And it will be every Monday and Wednesday from 4pm till 7pm. We also have gotten a classroom now, which is the Salon de la Ciudad (in the Municipio-City Hall). A few days ago I talked to the Vice-Alcalde (vice-mayor) about the need of a physical space where we could stay and he promptly offer me the Salon de la Ciudad. 

Now I am preparing the notes and material for the first class. It is going to be about the meaning of Bioregionalism. I am thinking to read your paper about Bioregionalism together with the kids, underline the words they don’t know, ask them to try explaining those terms with their words. And then whoever is closest to the meaning will get a sweet or something. And then maybe on Wednesday they could draw a diagram on a poster with all the words they learned during the previous lessons.

Anyway I am still thinking a lot about the activities I will do with the students. First of all let’s see how many students will undertake the course. I am quite scared about that.
And that’s all for now. 


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