Vía Segura Project

Planet Drum Foundation has been invited by the Sucre County Municipality to participate in an ambitious project to improve 32 kilometers of highway between Bahía de Caráquez and San Clemente, the closest town to the south.

The project plans to improve the security, cellphone reception, emergency services, and the environment over the next four years and relies on cooperation between various institutions, including the national electric and telecommunications companies, police, fire, and transit departments.

Planet Drum will provide native trees and shrubs from its greenhouse as well as tree planting consultancy to ensure effective revegetation along the highway.

Promotional banner for the Vía Segura project at the inaugural ceremony. Photo by Clay Plager-Unger.
Participants’ table with representatives from various institutions during the Vía Segura inauguration.
Ingrid Zambrano gives a speech during the inaugural ceremony. Photo by Clay Plager-Unger.
Margarita Avila Napa, Sucre County Mayor Ingrid Zambrano, and Clay Plager-Unger meet to discuss potential collaboration between Planet Drum and the Municipality. Photo by Judy Loor.
Ingrid Zambrano, Sucre County Mayor, presents the project to participating institutions during a conference in San Jacinto. Photo by Clay Plager-Unger.

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