Visit from Eloy Alfaro High School Eco-Club

Nicola, Orlando’s daughter, is now a senior at the Eloy Alfaro High School. She told her teacher about the work that she has done with Planet Drum, including revegetation and gardening workshops, while she was a student at the Montúfar School.

Her teacher liked the ideas, and decided to bring the eco-club students to the Planet Drum greenhouse to see first-hand the work that we are doing.

Students from the Eloy Alfaro High School visit the Planet Drum greenhouse to learn about revegetation techniques.

We gave a tour of the greenhouse, which is currently being dismantled and relocated. Students learned about how we make compost, collect and germinate seeds, transplant and care for seedlings. We offered to continue collaborating with their group, if they are interested, and invited them to return for a revegetation workshop at the new greenhouse, once it is in conditions for receiving groups of visitors.

Nicola (far right) and other members of the Eco-Club learn about seed collection and germination.

Before they left, students were given trees for planting at their school, and if they desired, trees to take home and plant.
We hope to see the students again sometime soon!

Eco-club teacher (center) and students receive trees to plant at the Eloy Alfaro High School and at their homes.

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