Watering collaboration in the persistent dry season

August 16-20, 2006

Greetings from the Pacific Coast of Ecuador! The dry season persists here in Bahia, and with the lack of rain we continue to water the 500+ trees that are planted in the surrounding hills. 

As our site at La Cruz had recently begun being cooked by the sun, we have increased the amount of water we are giving the trees. Unlike most of our other sites where there is no water available (including the greenhouse), the La Cruz site is adjacent to the city´s emergency 100,000 gallon reservoir. I hope we don´t drain it dry! Marcelo Luque and his volunteers from the Cerro Seco Reserve helped us with maintaining these trees this week. Thanks so much, hopefully we will be up returning the favor at Cerro Seco in the coming weeks!

Sadly, we have said goodbye to our good friend and Bioregional Education Manager, Valentina. Not only did Vale add international flair to our house, but her beaming smile and words of Spanish wisdom will be missed dearly! I can say with all our hearts, we wish her the best in Buenos Aires… nos vemos pronto! (See you soon)


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