We began planting at La Cruz.

February 13 – 19, 2006

We’ve been getting rain about every other day, but it’s not consistently heavy.  Maybe one or two nights of heavy rain a week. It’s been getting cloudy in the daytime more often now, so it seems like the weather will stay wet for a while.

The new plants are doing well. We haven’t had a chance to go back to the old sites since it started raining but I imagine the trees are coming back to life. I’ll go soon enough when I take Pat around.

Brooke, new volunteer, arrived mid-week and will be here for a few months. She is currently sharing the front room with Dan, but may move to the back room with the other girls when Pat comes.

There are still tons of seedlings coming up at the greenhouse so we have been keeping up on the transplanting.  We’ll have more than enough trees to plant this season. Also, the trees from Jama province arrived, increasing our stock and species variety even more. Some of them ended up being non-native fruit trees though, which I will have to give away. The Pechiche seeds were sowed this week after being soaked.

The remaining watering pipes in the bodega were painted by Valentina so we could use them up. We also planted the last of the trees that we had brought to El Toro. We’ll have to make another delivery.

We began planting at La Cruz. It had rained heavily the night before, and was drizzling in the morning so the path down was incredibly slippery and we basically tumbled and slid ourselves down.  I think we won’t do any more planting in that exact area around the old water tank, but there is room to plant more on the ridge of the hill that juts out towards the bay.

Regarding the land concessioned to the Fanca Eco Club, the Municipio says they have to do a land survey first before they parcel out the land for other uses. There’s no telling how long that will take.

Hasta luego!

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