We planted again at the new site.

Report: May 9 to 15, 2005

This week we finished transplanting the Colorados, Ebonos, and the Guachapelí and Samango stragglers that were big enough. We also did a lot of work with the compost pile. That was Caitlin´s special project. She completely turned the entire thing to aerate it, as it was lacking air. It is now well on its way to forming good compost. The finished side was also tended to – it was thoroughly weeded, and the fruit trees which had come up were transplanted. The finished compost was then transferred to the storage area under the tarp. In addition, repairs began on the small planting beds outside the greenhouse.

We planted again at the new site in km 4 (Hidalgo), and planted a few trees at the Eloy Alfaro High School down the street from Bosque en Medio de la Ruinas, with the help of students and the ecology teacher. The make their own compost there and had made biodegradable paper bags for planting.

A lot of house maintenance also got done, including the painting of a wall, and the sanding and varnishing of shelves in the kitchen.

Andrea came back to volunteer with us for the latter half of the week after a two week absence (which she had advised me of). Blas volunteered one day.

More later!

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