We planted and cleared at the Cherry Tree site.

April 25 to May 2, 2005

Vladir wanted me to tell you that they tried out the water heater for the first time with the kids at Genesis School on Earth Day because they were all muddy from planting mangroves. The shower water had to be mixed with cold water in order to bring it to a comfortable temperature, so it is working well.

This week it was mainly Caitlin and I working. Blas came one day, and Jaime another. We transplanted mostly Colorados and some Ebonos, along with a few stragglers of other species. Since our repairs, no more break ins to the greenhouse so far.

We planted and cleared at the Cherry Tree site, where we found a beautiful matacaballo (local anaconda) snake in the lower branches of a small tree. It was quite large but not dangerous unless provoked. We think we found its hole in the ground. I had to clear up a misconception that Janela Acosta had. She thought Renee had told her that we would maintain her whole property free of weeds and regularly maintain it as if we were landscapers. She now understands that we do that as needed only for the trees that we have planted.   

We also planted and cleared the Dairy Farm site, and some cows escaped on us!  I am trying to get a hold of Carlos Franco to discuss this.

I went on the nightly “Cronica” talk show again at FB radio, and talked about the education program as well as our other activities.

I am not sure how much longer to continue planting since we are in the transition period from winter to summer. 

Hasta la proxima!

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