We sowed some Jaboncillo, Barbasco, Bototo and Guasmo seeds.

January 16-22, 2006

This week we watered, put up some plant shading, and did a second planting at Maria Piedad’s. We’ve had a bit of rain but it hasn’t been heavy like it was when I arrived last rainy season. We also began planting at Ricardito’s site at the back of Fanca, hereafter referred to as “Bosque Encantado”. We found a patch of hill that barely had any trees on it and started there. The dirt was packed as hard as a rock in some places!   Ricardito is providing us with transport in his truck on the days we plant there. We fill up the water bottles with a hose.

The Maria Dolores (km 8) sites got watered, as well as the Fernando Site. Angel was very pleased with the photo and frame as a thank you for the generous use of his household water. He gave us some cuttings from his garden which volunteers have put in household plant pots that were made on the last Art Night.

We sowed some Jaboncillo, Barbasco, Bototo and Guasmo seeds. Some Cherimoya and Bototo, as well as more Seca, Samango, Compoyo, Aguia and Algarrobos are coming up. The Samango are from before I even got here!

I found out that the owners for the piece of land we plan to plant above Marianita Jesus are actually acquaintances of mine. So I don’t need to get anything signed by the Municipio after all. I took a trip up there with them and they showed me where we can and can’t plant.

This weekend we went to the inauguration of the eco-cabin at La Gorda – the project that Don and Thea were working on with the US Forestry Dept. grant. It is quite a beautiful site!

We are still awaiting Claudia’s arrival. The two Scottish volunteers are due to depart this week. We had two German budget travelers pop in looking for volunteer work today. It’s nice when that happens just when you need someone, but we can’t fit them both in the house at the moment. The next volunteer, Brooke from the US, comes in mid-Feb.

We had all the electrical sockets fixed in the house this week as another one stopped working. Finally after nearly a year in the house, I can plug in things in my room!

Well, that’s all for now. Any thoughts on the Planet Drum Revegetation Site signs?  Also, since the rechargeable AA batteries being used for the camera/tape recorder are my personal ones, I recommend bringing some down with you (or Pat) when you come.

Hasta luego, 

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