We will plant as long as the rains continue.

April 11 to 17, 2005

Well, it has definitely been raining this week! Saturday night there was an especially huge downpour. We will plant as long as the rains continue, but I am assuming not past April. Those plants which have been in the greenhouse since last rainy season I think we should donate to community groups if we can’t plant them all ourselves. Those saplings which we have recently transplanted I believe will make it through the dry season in the greenhouse. There is a good deal of space for sowing seeds this summer.

This week we did a good deal of greenhouse maintenance – fixing seedbeds, greenhouse walls, and organizing the plants. We put up a chicken wire fence against the wall where the dogs were getting in. We also continued with transplanting cedar saplings.

We planted again at the Cherry Tree site, and attempted to do another planting at the Fernando site in Jorge Lomas but old man Salazar came out of his house ranting and raving and made us leave until we return with a copy of the permission convenio that was signed with neighboring Fernando’s family, plus a new one for him. I plan to do it so we can continue our work.

We cleared the old Jorge Lomas site, where we also collected passion fruit which had fallen ripe from the vine. 

In addition to the regulars – Jaime, Andrea, Kristen, Cheo – we also had help from Jorge, a friend of Blas’.


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