We’ve finished up with planting for the year.

March 25, 2009


Things are going very well. Multiple really, really nice light but substantial rains this past week. Volunteers have died down from 15+ to 4, which feels like nothing in comparison. Things will remain relatively light on this front for another month or two and then pick up again come May/June. I’m looking forward to having a little breather. The summer months are going to be brimming, which bodes well for watering. I’ve got some really good-looking candidates lined up. It’s looking like June through October there will be 5-6+ volunteers the entire time. I’m working miracles with scheduling them all in.

I think that we’ve finished up with planting for the year. Now comes site maintenance and greenhouse work to get things ready for next year.

So, things are going smoothly. We had several bug infestations going on in the house at once and did more major cleanups last week, including another truckload of garbage removed from the house (I think the third this year), and dieseling the floors, which apparently is the local method of choice for wood preservation and bug control. So the house is looking really good. It looks even more like a house!  Unfortunately the water situation has been bleak, with very little arriving in the past month and very little in the foreseeable future.

We’re going out to the Planet Drum Institute land tomorrow to build a fence.

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