With university student’s help, 10% of this coming year’s revegetation planting was completed.

November 24-December 5, 2008 

Summary: Dryness forces us to water some of the most exposed sites. We did major repair work on the roof of the greenhouse. Many, many, many holes for plants were dug. And we commenced planting season with a group of university students!

On Monday, Jaime and I went to the greenhouse to transplant some of the last trees that will be part of this years planting into growing bottles. There were a few more Seca and Guachepeli trees left in the seed beds. We also watered the trees and fought back against weeds, which are particularly abundant among the smaller trees.        

Based on an inspection of the sites from last week it was determined to water sites that are most exposed to the sun. So, on Tuesday the Astillero, Reales Tamarindos and La Cruz revegetation sites were all watered.

Wednesday a truck load of bamboo was delivered to the greenhouse and repairs began on the roof and walls that are showing the most wear and tear.

Jaime sizes up the task at hand.

Some of the bamboo slats have rotted and will be replaced and the green mesh that makes up the walls and roof will be washed and reattached.

Wear and tear on the greenhouse walls.

In a number of places it is falling down and there are quite a few holes that allow too much sun light to get in, and humidity to escape.

Gaping holes in the roof.

Also, because of the greenhouse’s location next to a soccer field, there has been some damage due to flying soccer balls.

Construction on the sidewall.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday are all spent working on greenhouse repairs. 

Clay working on the roof of the greenhouse.’

One of the side-walls and two-thirds of the entire roof are replaced with new bamboo slats, and freshly scrubbed, green mesh is reattached.

Overhead view of roof construction after the slats have been replaced, but before the green mesh has been reattached.
Jaime digs holes at the new Universidad Catolica revegetation site. Stakes marking where trees will be planted are visible in the foreground.

Monday and Tuesday, holes are dug at the new University Catolica revegetation site. Tuesday Jaime and I are joined by three of the employees from the University. Over the course of two days, 312 holes are dug.

On Wednesday Jaime and I and two day laborers (for lack of volunteers), went to the new Jorge Lomas site and dug holes there. We nearly finished digging all of the holes in one day! I estimate the site will hold approximately 250 trees when completed.       

Thursday, Jaime and I spent the morning at the greenhouse preparing trees for planting on Friday. Because of dry conditions, the trees are given a healthy dose of water before moving them to the site. We weed and take an inventory (see list below) of all of the trees in the greenhouse and greenhouse extension. In total, there are just over 3,000 trees of 21 different native species!  Then, with the help of a rented vehicle, we moved 312 trees and water in gallon jugs to the base of the new site, just up the road leading into the Km. 8 watershed.

Jaime and the Universidad Catolica students planting trees, Bahia is in the background.

Friday morning we began work early and were joined by a large group (of about 16 people) composed of students and faculty from the University Catolica. They took the day to help us plant trees. Typically we don’t plant trees in the dry season because of watering issues, but because of the opportunity to receive a massive infusion of extra help, and because of signs of an imminent rainy season, we decided to plant anyways.     

The group showed real enthusiasm for the work and everyone ended up working as hard as we usually do. Despite a few complainers, everyone seemed to have a great time, and overall they did an excellent job of planting. It took a real push towards the end in order to finish the final hillside, but we succeeded at planting the entire site, including watering each tree, in one morning. And just like that, 10% of this coming year’s revegetation planting was completed.

Planting the final hill of the site.

Inventory of species in the Greenhouse and Greenhouse Extension

6Cabo de H2
21Zapote de Perro5

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