Work party to clean up the park.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

We are still working on painting the two signs for the entrance (one for the entrance and one for halfway up the hill). We finished putting in all the little tree marker signs, and had a work party to clean up the park on Sunday (collected trash, cleaned up trails etc…). about 25 or 30 people (lots of children too) showed up to the work party, and worked for about 2 hours. We ended with fresh orange juice and cheese sandwiches for everyone. 

Today Rita and I went to speak to the Municipio about other requests for assistance with park development. We asked for a large sign at the bottom of the hill near the mural, a couple of lamps for safety, a trash can at the entrance near the white apartment, and publicity for the park on the radio. 

Tomorrow we are having a kind of Re-inauguration Ceremony to symbolize a recommitment to the park with cooperation from the surrounding communities. 

When the next volunteers arrive I can be in touch with them about this project so they can follow up on the work that we have done. The group in Maria Auxiliadora is very motivated but also concerned with our continued involvement and support. 

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