2002 Chris Haaf: Report #4

Chris Haaf
Planet Drum Volunteer

Jeff and Simon arrived here safely this week from Quito and Guayquil respectively. Simon was able to get himself onto a bus for Bahia even though he speaks zero Spanish at this point. (No small task.) Projects are coming along. Yesterday a concrete guy helped us put the first two signs in the park. We are going to give them a week or so to see if they walk off or not before the others are placed. The process is actually quite easy. So ‘Place Markers and Finish’ on the timeline is on schedule. Step repair is also to be finished and has been completed as best as possible. A few of the new steps Matt and I replaced with small branches have been stolen. We feel the steps are a resource abyss. Sara and Rita continue to work with community residents.

Matt and I have worked five days out at the University and have built a bed out of recycled bamboo and ceiling wood. We are going to get seeds going in the beds and then transfer them to sacks after they get going. Plans are being made to build a large greenhouse. Matt can tell you about that. Matt and I also began clearing the trail but need help figuring out where it goes as it is completely overgrown in places. Revegetation project in general is going okay. We need some guidance in how to best get seedlings growing, because in spite of the work of every volunteer here and girls from the Immaculada School and from the Rotary School the success rates are pretty low. Kristen and I are leaving this Sunday. Thanks for the opportunity to volunteer here. We have enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot.

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