2002 Chris Haaf: Report #5 (Supplement to Report #4)

Chris Haaf
Planet Drum Volunteer

The revegetation project does have some serious problems but I did not explain the sources of the difficulties well. We have all been planting a lot of seeds. Jeff with the girls from the Immaculada School, Kristen with kids from the Rotary School, and each of individually has been working and planting. We have tried many different methods but have had low germination success with all. We don’t know if it is the seeds themselves or our methods or what. Rita has been trying to contact Cerro Blanco and some of her former Forestry professors but has found little info. Matt has been looking for books that might help. We have talked with Marcelo. No one seems to know very much. Also there has been no dirt at the Fanca Patio for more than a week now and they keep saying someone is supposed to deliver some soon but it hasn’t arrived yet. Referring to Los Caras, Jeff is going to call them to get a quote for a revegetation crew and find out about the possibility of buying some seedlings from them.

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